5E5945111B DPA taillights Skoda spare parts

5E5945111B is the Reference number of DPA taillights,and the supplier is DPA. The detailed information of 5E5945111B is as follows:

5E5945111B DPA taillights Skoda spare parts
5E5945111B DPA taillights Skoda spare parts

Name:taillights/left outer/LED

Reference OE number:5E5945111B



Applicable models of 5E5945111B DPA taillights:

Skoda: OCT18-

How to remove a DPA taillight?

The trunk needs to be opened first. To achieve this, unlock and open the driver door. In the lower left corner of the inner decorative plate of the door, a button for operating the trunk can be found. Press it to open the trunk.

Removal of the liner cotton in the trunk: Once the trunk is opened, the liner cotton on the taillight side should be removed. Since it is only fixed by a couple of plastic fasteners, the job can be done by loosening them with the aid of a small slotted screwdriver and taking out the cotton. Caution should be exercised while prying the fasteners to avoid damage to them.

Removal of the three nuts for fixing the taillight: Using a small ratchet wrench with a #8 ring, take down the three nuts one by one. The nuts should be kept properly for further installation.

Removal of taillight harness: The taillight harness has only one wire plug with a simple structure. It can be pulled off manually. If it won’t come off, pry it slightly outward with a small slotted screwdriver to remove it.

First removal of the taillight: While holding the sides of the taillight, move it outside gently and shake it slightly if necessary. In this way, the taillight can be detached from the vehicle body. Do not use excessive force. The taillight is now successfully removed.

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