1K0959455EA vika electronic fan – spare parts

1K0959455EA is the Reference number of vika electronic fan,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 1K0959455EA is as follows:

1K0959455EA vika electronic fan - spare parts
1K0959455EA vika electronic fan – spare parts

Name:220W electronic fan with module

Reference OE number:1K0959455EA



Applicable models of 1K0959455EA vika electronic fan:

Skoda: FAB11-15/OCT04-08;09-13/SUP08-13;14-15/YET10-13;14-

VW: BE12-13/CA04-16/EOS06-16/GO04-16/JE06-15/PA06-15/PO10-14/SCI09-15/TOU03-15

Seat: ALT04-06;07-10;11-13;14-15/IB09-11;12-12;13-15/LE06-10;11-13/TO05-09

Audi: A1 11-14/A304-13

What measures have been taken by Vika to solve jitter and short service life of automotive electronic fans?

vika solutions to jitter of electronic fans:

1. Anti-jitter design of vika motors: The rotors of vika motors are based on a state-of-the-art automated production process. Laminated riveting technology is used to guarantee rotor balance during high-speed motor rotation and high armature performance.

2. Fan material and balance design: The fans are completely made of OE-certified materials, and have received rigorous balance tests that ensure precise balancing in different working conditions and at different RPMs.

3. Balance design of the fan motor assembly: In addition to guaranteed balancing performance of motor and fan as two core parts, vika adopts a key balanced design for every fan-motor assembly, and makes use of more stringent test criteria through simulation of different working conditions.
vika solutions to short service life of electronic fans:

1. The unique high-quality graphite carbon brush technique is the essential guarantee of the long service life of vika fan motors, setting a new quality standard for such products.

2. Intelligent electronic module: vika fan motors are based on a cutting-edge OE electronic control module technology. The upgraded intelligent electronic module enables smooth motor startup while ensuring precise motor rotation in different working conditions. The benefits include higher operation efficiency and reduced motor power consumption.

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