6Y1837461 DPA STO window lifter Skoda spare parts

6Y1837461 is the Reference number of DPA STO window lifter,and the supplier is DPA. The detailed information of 6Y1837461 is as follows:

6Y1837461 DPA STO window lifter Skoda spare parts
6Y1837461 DPA STO window lifter Skoda spare parts

Name:window lifter/front left/with door panel/without motor/electric/STO

Reference OE number:6Y1837461



Applicable models of 6Y1837461 STO window lifter:

Skoda: FAB00-04;05-08

What are common failures of window lifters?

Common failure 1: abnormal sound of the windows during drives on bumpy roads.

Cause analysis: a loose screw or fastener, or presence of foreign matters in the gap of door decorative panels, or loose bonding between windows and sealing strips. Such minor problems can be solved by simply cleaning off foreign matters, fixing the windows or screws, or replacing inner pressure strips.
Common failure 2: abnormal sound of the windows during up/down movement.

Cause analysis: The sound may come from the guide rails of the window lifter, in which case cleaning the rails and applying some lubricant will be enough. If the symptom persists, a part of the window lifter may have failed, and the window lifter assembly needs to be replaced. It is recommended that such repair be performed at a qualified maintenance site or 4S shop.

Common failure 3: difficult up/down movement of the windows.

Cause analysis: A window sealing strip may have deformed due to aging, thus generating certain movement resistance. Such failure can be solved by replacing the striping strip or applying some talc for temporary lubrication if the symptom is not serious. The failure may have resulted from dirty window guide rails or foreign matters such as business cards inserted by passers-by when the car waits for green light. Such dirt or foreign matters should be removed. A motor failure and low battery power are also among possible causes, which require motor replacement or battery charging.

Common failure 4: The windows drop automatically after rising to half of full height.

Cause analysis: This may be a problem of a sealing strip or the window lifter. It typically occurs on cars equipped with window anti-pinch function. If this issue arises within three years after purchase of the car, it is most likely due to the window lifter.

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