7E1422061F vika steering gear body VW spare parts

7E1422061F is the Reference number of vika steering gear body,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 06H103495AC is as follows:

7E1422061F vika steering gear body VW spare parts
7E1422061F vika steering gear body VW spare parts

Name:steering gear body

Reference OE number:7E1422061F

Series:TR model


Applicable models of 7E1422061F vika steering gear body:

VW: AMA 13-17/BE 12-16/BEC 13-16/CC 12-17/EOS 11-16/JE 11-14/PA 11-15/SCI 09-14/SHA 11-16/TIG 12-18

What is the working principle of automotive steering gear?

As a key safety device on a car, the performance and reliability of the steering gear system have a direct bearing on driving safety. During daily use, we should bear in mind the need for inspection and maintenance of this system. Particular attention should be paid to the connections between different tie rods of the steering transmission mechanism. Any loose rod should be repaired or replaced in time.
Whenever the steering wheel is maneuvered, the car wheels will turn accordingly. The movement of the steering wheel and the wheels during turns are quite complicated. The most common automotive steering systems include those based on rack-pinion steering and those based on recirculating ball steering.

Working principle of automotive steering gear:

1. The steering gear is the most critical part in the steering system of a car. It is intended to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and to change to force transmission direction;

2. The most common steering gears include rack-pinion type, worm and crank pin type, and recirculating ball type;

3. In Chinese market, the rack-pinion type steering gear is most common. Its basic structure is comprised of a series of mutually engaged pinions and racks. When the steering shaft drives rotation of the pinions, the racks move linearly. Sometimes the racks drive the tie rod directly to turn the steering wheel. Hence, it is the simplest form of steering gear.

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