06H103495AC STO oil gas separator – spare parts

06H103495AC is the Reference number of STO oil gas separator,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 06H103495AC is as follows:

06H103495AC STO oil gas separator - spare parts
06H103495AC STO oil gas separator – spare parts

Name:oil/gas separator /STO

Reference OE number:06H103495AC



Applicable models of 06H103495AC STO oil gas separator:

Skoda: OCT 04-13/SUP 08-15/YET 10-18

VW: AMA 13-17/BE 12-16/BEC 13-16/CC 12-17/EOS 11-16/JE 11-14/PA 11-15/SCI 09-14/SHA 11-16/TIG 12-18

SEAT: EX 09-14/TO 05-09

Audi: A3 08-13/A3CA 08-13/A4 08-15/A4AR 10-16/A4Q 08-15/A5CA 10-17/A5CO 08-16/AQ5 09-17/ATT 07-14/A6 11-14/A6Q 11-14/A8 10-13/A8Q 10-13/AQ3 12-14

What is the structure of oil/gas separator?

Oil/gas separator is a device intended to separate crude oil generated in oil wells from associated natural gas. Placed between a submersible centrifugal pump and a protector, the oil/gas separator separates free gas from well liquid. The liquid is fed to the submersible centrifugal pump, while the gas is released into the oil pipes and annular tubes.

Structure of an oil/gas separator:

1. Separation part: This part consists of three segments:

(1) The preliminary separation segment serves the main purpose of dividing oil/gas mixture into gas and liquid.

(2) The main separation segment screens out liquid drops with a diameter of more than 100 um from the gas as much as possible by means of settlement separation.

(3) The demisting segment removes oil drips with a diameter of over 10~30 um through impact mechanism.

2. Pressure control part: The internal pressure is controlled with a self-operated pressure regulating valve.

3. Liquid level control part: The liquid surface height is controlled with a ball float level regulating valve.

4. Heating part: This part enables full natural oil/gas separation in the liquid processing segment of the separator. When the separator is stopped, the crude oil will not freeze due to high condensation point.

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