5E5945111B DPA taillight Skoda spare parts

5E5945111B is the Reference number of DPA taillight,and the supplier is DPA. The detailed information of 5E5945111B is as follows:

5E5945111B DPA taillight Skoda spare parts
5E5945111B DPA taillight Skoda spare parts

Name:taillight /left outer side/LED

Reference OE number:5E5945111B



Applicable models of 5E5945111B:

Skoda: OCT18-

What are possible reasons for a failed taillight?

When a vehicle taillight fails, first check if the bulb or the main lamp seat has been burnt, and then inspect the line. Typically, there is little possibility of a pragmatic line or a broken fuse. The taillight failure may result from ill contact, burnt fuse, or burnt bulb. Repair at a maintenance shop is recommended.

1. First, the bulbs of headlights on most cars are of halogen type. Their light is often dark yellow with low brightness. Brighter bulbs may be used as replacement.

2. The lightness varies with bulb models. For models not designed with high luminance, a set of Xenon bulbs may be added. Because Xenon bulbs generates white light, they feel brighter than common lights.

3. A headlight may be designed with or without a lens. The lenses used for headlights are of common type, and don’t contribute greatly to general lightness even after Xenon bulbs are integrated. To achieve higher luminance, the headlight may be upgraded at maintenance shops offering such services.

4. Headlights without a lens are even darker. They may be supplemented by a lens and a set of Xenon bulbs for stronger lighting effect.

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