06H103144J camshaft bearing seat- spare parts

06H103144J is the Reference number of camshaft bearing seat,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 06E121045E is as follows:

06H103144J camshaft bearing seat- spare parts
06H103144J camshaft bearing seat- spare parts

Name:camshaft bearing seat/with copper sleeve

Reference OE number:06H103144J



Applicable models of 06H103144J:

Audi: A4 05-08/A4Q 05-08/A6 05-11/A6AR 07-11/A6Q 05-11/AA4C 07-09

What is the standard end play of a camshaft?

The standard camshaft end play range should be 0.05~0.20 mm (up to 0.25 mm) for gasoline engines and 0~0.40mm for diesel engines (up to 0.50mm).The end play of a camshaft is guaranteed through coordination between the thrust face and the camshaft bearing seat on the cylinder cover. It depends on the size tolerance of relevant parts, and can’t be adjusted manually.

After long use of the camshaft journal, the clearance will grow larger due to wear, thus causing axial movement of the camshaft. This interferes with normal function of the valve mechanism and the ability of the camshaft to drive components.

During inspection of camshaft end play, after removing other parts of the valve drive unit, press the measuring head of a dial gauge against one end of the camshaft vertically and move the camshaft front and back axially. The reading of the gauge should be about 0.10 mm. The ultimate end play of a functional camshaft is typically 0.25 mm.

In the case of excessive bearing clearance, the bearing may be replaced. Inspect the camshaft end play according to the position of the bearing cover. Adjust the engine camshaft axially to position it on the fifth camshaft bearing line.Axial positioning of the camshaft should be based on the bearing cover and journal width.

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