06E121045E coolant pipe- Audi auto parts

06E121045E is the Reference number of coolant pipe,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 06E121045E is as follows:

06E121045E coolant pipe- Audi auto parts
06E121045E coolant pipe- Audi auto parts

Name:coolant pipe/plastic

Reference OE number:06E121045E
Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 06E121045E:

Audi: A4 05-08/A4Q 05-08/A6 05-11/A6AR 07-11/A6Q 05-11/AA4C 07-09

How to deal with a broken antifreeze liquid pipe?

If an antifreeze liquid pipe bursts during a drive, it may be glued with adhesive tape first. If the rip is too large to be repaired, you will have to wait for rescue on the spot or replace the antifreeze liquid pipe if possible.

A broken antifreeze liquid pipe indicates the antifreeze fluid in the engine is not enough for providing adequate cooling function. If the car is driven in this condition, the engine will get hotter, and may be damaged easily. Hence, if an antifreeze liquid pipe bursts, stop the car immediately.

Antifreeze liquid is typically produced with a color. This is mainly intended to distinguish it from other liquids and to enable easy identification of any leakage condition.

If the engine has been diagnosed with leakage of antifreeze liquid, it may be caused by different reasons and should be repaired accordingly:

1. After extended use of the car, the rubber pipes and seal rings may age and consequently lead to leakage of antifreeze liquid. In this case, the damaged part should be examined, and antifreeze liquid should be replenished in time.

2. Leaky radiator is another common reason for antifreeze liquid leakage. Fierce vibration or collision of the car on the road may result in a crack or loosen connection at the welded parts of the radiator. In this case, the leaky points should be examined and repaired. Change the radiator directly if necessary.

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