8R0823480A engine hood lock- Audi auto parts

8R0823480A is the Reference number of engine hood lock,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 8R0823480A is as follows:

8R0823480A engine hood lock- Audi auto parts
8R0823480A engine hood lock- Audi auto parts

Name:engine hood lock

Reference OE number:8R0823480A

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 8R0823480A:

Audi: AQ5 09-17

Steps of engine hood lock adjustment:

1. Replace the center bolt with a gasketed bolt. Since the center bolt serves the purpose of fixing the engine hood hinge, it has to be replaced by a gasketed bolt to enable adjustment of the engine hood.

2. Remove the hinge bolt on the side of the engine hood, and adjust the engine hood along front/back and vertical directions.

3. Rotate the elastic gasket to adjust the engine hood.

4. Loosen the set bolt on the hood lock to adjust the lock.

The engine hood lock should be adjusted in such a way to achieve an even clearance of (9±1) mm around the front part of the hood and consistent height of different parts. The tightening torque of the engine hood lock bolt should be (14±2) N·m.

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