4L0698007A electronic inflator pump- Audi auto parts

4L0698007A is the Reference number of electronic inflator pump,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 4L0698007A is as follows:

4L0698007A electronic inflator pump- Audi auto parts
4L0698007A electronic inflator pump- Audi auto parts

Name:electronic inflator pump

Reference OE number:4L0698007A

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 4L0698007A:

Audi: AQ7 07-15

What is the working principle of electronic inflator pump?

An electronic inflator pump is driven by a motor and intended to inflate automobile tyre, ball, rubber boat, airbed, and air cushion at a high pressure, with an operation voltage of 12V and an operation temperature range between -20℃ and 50℃.

After the pump is properly set, turn on the inflation switch to start air charging until the preset tyre pressure is reached. Air charging is not possible if the preset level is lower than the actual pressure in the tyre. Before inflating another tyre, remember to first turn off the charging switch.

The electronic inflator pump design features a high level of integration and a digital LCD display. It provides advantages that are absent in traditional mechanical inflation pumps,such as accurate pressure display, unit conversion, automatic stop based on preset value, and complete safety protection. It therefore represents a new generation of product in place of traditional mechanical inflation pumps.

Applications of electronic inflator pump: automobile tyre, motorcycle tyre, ball, rubber boat, airbed, and air cushion.

Working principle of electronic inflator pump

While the motor runs at high speed for air bleeding, the valve of the communicating vessel is pushed open by the atmospheric pressure, and the air will flow into the inflator. During air charging into a tyre, the valve is closed under the effect of the pressure in the inflator, thus causing the air to enter the tyre.

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