0B5398009F gear box repair kit- Audi auto parts

0B5398009F is the Reference number of gear box repair kit,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 0B5398009F is as follows:

0B5398009F gear box repair kit- Audi auto parts
0B5398009F gear box repair kit- Audi auto parts

Name:gear box repair kit

Reference OE number:0B5398009F

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 0B5398009F:

Audi: A6 15-18/A6AR13-18/A6Q15-18/A7 15-18

How to examine a gearbox?

1. Check all forward and reverse gears. If the gear is rubbed in every gear engagement operation, the clutch hydraulic system or the gearbox itself may be faulty.

2. Check normal gear engagement operation. If it’s not possible to engage the gear or gear impact sound is heard, or if an engaged gear is hard to return to neutral, the gearbox is suffering from difficulty in gear shift.

After the engine is shut down, hold the gear lever with a hand. If it is loose and can be manipulated freely, the problem may be caused by failed positioning. In the case of difficult gear shift without a loose lever, the impact during gear shift may result from a synchronizer failure, which needs to be repaired at factory.

3. If during a drive the gear lever jumps back to neutral, severe wear between the gear and the gear sleeve may have led to loose bearing or excessive axial clearance. In this case, the gear engagement condition should be checked by professional personnel.

Oil leakage of the gearbox may result from poor sealing effect of gasket or damaged oil seal of the gearbox output shaft. Other possible reasons for oil leakage include excessive lubricant and blocked vent hole.

4. If in idle state of the engine the gearbox in neutral position generates abnormal sound, there may be certain deviation of concentricity between the crankshaft and the first shaft of the gearbox during installation, which can be eliminated by pressing the clutch pedal.

If abnormal sound is heard after gear engagement, it may be caused by impact between engaging gears in operation. This can be attributable to damaged gearbox shell or damaged gear.

5. Possible causes of difficult gear shift: ① The clutch has not been completely separated, thus preventing full power cut. ② The synchronizer has been overly worn or even damaged. ③ The shift fork is loose or bent, or the shift fork shaft is bent, corroded, or difficult to move. ④ Certain engaging teeth have a rough end.

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