03L103469F valve chamber cover – auto parts

03L103469F is the Reference number of valve chamber cover,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 03L103469F is as follows:

03L103469F valve chamber cover - auto parts
03L103469F valve chamber cover – auto parts

Name:valve chamber cover

Reference OE number:03L103469F



Applicable models of 03L103469F

VW : AMA 10-17/CR 12-16

Audi: EX 09-14

What is valve chamber cover?

Valve chamber cover is a key sealing part in the upper part of an engine. It is mainly connected to the engine cylinder cover to ensure normal operation and lubrication of the engine valve structure. It serves dust prevention and sealing purposes.

Possible reasons for oil leakage of a valve chamber cover:

At high speed of the engine, the oil temperature may reach a very high level. The increasing temperature also results in higher internal pressure. Extend exposure to engine oil may impair the ductility of the valve chamber cover pad, resulting in degradation in sealing performance, deformation, and oil leakage.

What are the potential risks related to a defective valve chamber cover if not replaced?

The oil leaked from the middle part of the valve chamber cover may flow into the engine, and consequently soak and damage parts like the ignition coil, sparking plug, and fuel injector, leading to increased repair cost.

The oil leaked from ends of the valve chamber cover will stain the exhaust pipes and generate smoke.The engine oil can be smelt in the car while the air conditioner is on. In serious cases, fire may occur and the car may be burned.

The valve chamber cover is also a part of the engine crankcase ventilation system. It helps separate engine oil from air. Once broken, it will result in engine oil combustion. Hence, valve chamber cover with oil leakage should be replaced in time to reduce the repair cost.

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