032905106B electronic ignition coil – auto parts

032905106B is the Reference number of electronic ignition coil,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 1K0121407A is as follows:

032905106B electronic ignition coil - auto parts
032905106B electronic ignition coil – auto parts

Name:electronic ignition coil

Reference OE number:032905106B



Applicable models of 032905106B

Skoda: FAB00-04;05-08/OCT97-00;01-11;04-08;09-/SUP02-08

VW : BE99-10/BO99-05/CA96-11/FO05-10/GL04-11/GO98-14/IMOT77-09/JE06-10/LU99-06/PA97-11/PO95-10/PR04-06/SHA01-10/TOU03-10/TR03-15

SEAT: AL01-02;03-05;06-08;09-10/ALT04-06;07-10/AR97-03;04-04/CO99-02;03-05;06-09/CORA00-02/IB99-02;02-05;06-10/IN96-03/LE00-01;02-06/TO99-01;02-04;05-09

Audi: A1 11-14/A2 00-05/A3 97-13/A4 95-08

How to use an ignition coil properly?

An ignition coil unit consists of primary coil, secondary coil, magnetic core, switch triode, and other auxiliary parts. The primary coil is charged by a battery. The secondary coil discharges to ignite the sparking plug. The triode serves as a switching device. The charging time is controlled with battery voltage and motor RPM to ensure consistent energy storage in every charging cycle.

Two types of ignition coil are available: 3-wire and 4-wire. A 3-wire ignition coil unit adopts three lines for positive pole, negative pole, and switching control (based on ECU instructions) respectively.

In a 4-wire ignition coil unit, an ignition detection line is added. It helps determine if the sparking plug has been ignited (whether there is discharge current in the secondary coil).

1. Take proper measures to protect the ignition coil against heat or moisture;

2. Do not turn on the ignition switch while the engine is not working;

3. Inspect, clean, and fasten line connectors regularly to avoid short circuit or undesired bonding;

4. Control the engine operation to prevent excessive voltage. The spark plug wire should not remain detached from the plug for testing purpose for long;

5. Any moisture on the ignition coil may only be wiped off with cloth. Drying under heat is prohibited as this may damage the coil.

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