6R0145805H vika intercooler – spare parts

6R0145805H is the Reference number of vika intercooler,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 6R0145805H is as follows:

6R0145805H vika intercooler- auto parts
6R0145805H vika intercooler- auto parts


Reference OE number:6R0145805H



Applicable models of 6R0145805H

Skoda: FAB11-15/RAP13-/RO11-15

VW: PO10-

Seat: IB09-11;12-12;13-/TO13-

Audi: A1 11-

What is the working principle of intercooler?

An intercooler typically appears on a car equipped with a booster. This is because the intercooler is actually an auxiliary part of a turbocharging system. It is intended to lower the air temperature after pressurization in order to reduce the thermal load of the engine, and meanwhile to increase air inflow for higher engine efficiency.

For a supercharged engine, the intercooler forms a critical part in the boosting system. For both mechanical supercharged engine and turbo-supercharged engine, an intercooler needs to be installed between the booster and the air intake manifold.

Working principle of intercooler:

A well-designed intercooler can increase the power by 5%-10%.

In some models with top-mounted intercooler, cooling air is introduced from the opening on the engine hood. As a result, before the car is started, the intercooler only receives hot air from the engine compartment.

Despite the resulting lower heat dissipation efficiency, the engine fuel consumption drops significantly due to higher air inlet temperature. The intercooler also leads to lower efficiency of the engine indirectly.

For powerful supercharged vehicles, however, issues related to unstable start due to high power can be alleviated in such cases. A typical top-mounted intercooler can be found in Subaru Impreza family. Besides, the greatest strength of a top-mounted intercooler is effective reduction of the travel of compressed air to the engine.

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