8E1422053K steering gear assembly Audi auto parts

8E1422053K is the Reference number of steering gear assembly,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 8E1422053K is as follows:

8E1422053K steering gear assembly Audi auto parts
8E1422053K steering gear assembly Audi auto parts

Name:steering gear assembly with pull rod

Reference OE number:8E1422053K

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 8E1422053K

Audi: A4 01-08/A4Q01-08/AA4C03-09

What is the difference between steering gear assembly and lateral connecting rod?

The steering gear assembly and lateral connecting rod on a car are different parts. The lateral connecting rod is fixed to the front bumper and connects left and right steering arms. It serves two purposes: achieving synchronization of two wheels, and ensuring toe-in alignment.

The steering gear assembly, also known as steering device or directional device, is the most important part in the steering system of a car. It serves to increase the force transmitted by the steering disc to the steering drive mechanism and to change the force transfer direction.

Different types of steering gears:

1. A mechanical steering gear converts rotation of the steering disc into swing of steering rocker arm, and amplifies the torque at a certain transmission ratio;

2. Depending the specific transmission mode, a steering gear may take the form of a gear/rack structure, a worm/crank pin structure, a cyclic ball/rack & sector structure, or a worm/roller structure;

3. Depending on presence of power-assisted device, a steering gear may be of mechanical type (without power assistance) or powered type (with power assistance).

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