03L131511A vika EGR valve cooler VW auto parts

03L131511A is the Reference number of vika EGR valve cooler,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 03L131511A is as follows:

03L131511A vika EGR valve cooler VW auto parts
03L131511A vika EGR valve cooler VW auto parts

Name:EGR valve cooler

Reference OE number:03L131511A



Applicable models of 03L131511A

VW: AMA 10-17/CR 12-16

How to clean EGR valve cooler?

EGR cooling system is a device intended to reduce emission of NOx in automobile exhaust. It is essentially an exhaust gas recirculation system that redirects small amounts of exhaust into the intake valve. The NOx emission is dependent on exhaust temperature.

The lower the temperature, the better suppression of NOx from the engine. As the EGR cooler can cool down exhaust entering the cylinders, it helps lower thermal load and consequently temperature of the engine.

Carbon deposition may occur over time due to the coolant in the cooler or failure of other power cylinders. Safe solvent or mineral oil may be used to clean inside of the cooler. To achieve this, fill the EGR cooler assembly completely with the solvent or oil and place the exposed module surface upward. After soaking the EGR cooler for a while, drain the liquid from it.

After washing with mineral oil or solvent, dry the inside of the EGR cooler with compressed air. Shake it intermittently to eliminate loose chips in the EGR coolant. Wash the coolant side of the cooler to reduce the possibility of solvent or detergent entering the coolant.

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