070253017A vika exhaust manifold VW auto parts

070253017A is the Reference number of vika exhaust manifold,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 070253017A is as follows:

070253017A vika exhaust manifold VW auto parts
070253017A vika exhaust manifold VW auto parts

Name:exhaust manifold / with sealed components

Reference OE number:070253017A



Applicable models of 070253017A

VW: CAMP 04-10/TOUA 03-07/TR 03-10

What is the purpose of exhaust manifold?

As a key part on a car, exhaust manifold is typically fixed onto a cylinder body or cylinder head with screws, and connected to the exhaust pipe below it. Two types of exhaust manifold are now available: cast iron and stainless steel.

Purpose of exhaust manifold:

An exhaust manifold collects exhaust from different cylinders and discharges it via the exhaust pipe and the muffler into the atmosphere. Reducing air discharge resistance is a critical requirement for exhaust manifold. Such resistance results from collision between outgoing exhaust in the pipe and undischarged exhaust from other cylinders.

Therefore, the cylinders leading to the exhaust manifold are designed with branches that are separated from each other to achieve lower resistance and guarantee normal engine output power.

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