8K0407253AA steering knuckle Audi auto parts

8K0407253AA is the Reference number of steering knuckle,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 8K0407253AA is as follows:

8K0407253AA steering knuckle Audi auto parts
8K0407253AA steering knuckle Audi auto parts

Name:steering knuckle/front left

Reference OE number:8K0407253AA

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 8K0407253AA

Audi:A4 08-12/A4AR10-16/A4Q08-12/A5CA10-11/A5CO08-11/AQ5 09-12/RS5 10-16

Structure of steering knuckle:

A steering knuckle is a hinge part used for wheel steering, typically designed as a fork structure. On the upper and lower forks, two coaxial holes for mounting a master pin are provided. The journal of the steering knuckle is used for wheel installation.

The two lugs of the pin holes are connected via the master pin to the fist-shape part on both ends of the front shaft, allowing the front wheels to deviate to a certain degree from the master pin and consequently turn the car. In order to reduce wear, a bronze bushing is pressed against every pin hole.

The bushing is lubricated by grease injected from the nozzle on the knuckle. A bearing is installed between the lower knuckle lug and the fist-shape part of the front shaft to achieve flexible turning. A spacer shim is used between the upper knuckle lug and the fist-shape part to adjust the gap between them.

Design features of steering knuckle:

A steering knuckle has a complicated structure that features a combination of four types of part: shaft, bushing, disc ring, and fork frame. It mainly consists of supporting journal, flange disc, and fork frame. The supporting journal takes the shape of a stepped shaft, resembling a gyrator comprised of coaxial outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, and threaded surfaces, shaft shoulder vertical to shaft axis, transition fillet, and end surfaces. The flange disc contains flange faces, evenly distributed connection bolt through-holes, and threaded holes for steering limiting. The fork frame is a fork-shaped structure consisting of upper and lower knuckle lugs and flange faces.

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