06H121026AF vika water pump-auto parts

06H121026AF is the Reference number of water pump assembly,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 06H121026AF is as follows:

06H121026AF vika water pump-auto parts
06H121026AF vika water pump-auto parts

Name:water pump assembly/resin shell

Reference OE number:06H121026AF



Applicable models of 06H121026AF

Skoda models: OCT09-13/SUP08-13


SEAT: AL11-/ALT07-10/LE06-10;11-13

Purpose of automobile engine water pump

The engine water pump on a car serves to pressurize coolant and to enable its recirculation in the cooling system. Specifically, it allows water to pass different parts such as the radiator and the engine cylinder cyclically and take away heat, thus preventing excessive temperature of the engine.

The engine cylinder contains multiple recirculation circuits for cooling water. They are connected to the radiator (water radiator) in the front section of the car via water pipes, and form a large water recirculation system together with the latter.

A water pump is located at the upper water outlet of the engine. Driven by a fan belt, it pumps out hot water from the water circuits in the cylinder and pumps in cool water.

A thermostat is also provided next to the water pump. It remains deactivated after startup of the car (cold startup). As a result, the cooling water only flows cyclically inside the engine (the small recirculation system) instead of passing the radiator.

The thermostat is activated once the engine temperature reaches over 80℃, causing the hot water in the engine to be pumped into the radiator. The cool air flowing through the radiator during drives will take away heat to realize cooling effect.
The automobile engine water pump provides power for circulation of the coolant, which is a prerequisite for temperature drop of the engine.

With the centrifugal force generated by the impellers, the water pump pressurizes the coolant flowing through the radiator and delivers it to the cylinder cooling jacket to facilitate flow of cooling water.

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