03C121004J Water pump-Automobile parts

03C121004J is the Reference number of Water pump,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 03C121004J is as follows:

03C121004J Water pump-auto parts
03C121004J Water pump-auto parts

Name:Water pump

Reference number:03C121004J



Applicable models of 03C121004J




Audi:A1 11-14

Water pump body: As the base of the water pump, this part adopts an enclosure made of the same powdered resin as that used in OE parts. In order to meet demand from more customers, vika also offers enclosures made of other materials such as iron casting and cold-rolled steel sheet.

Water seal: The water seal is also identical to corresponding OE part, providing good sealing effect and high load bearing capacity;

Bearing: The product of C&U, a domestic water pump bearing OEM, is used. It is characterized by higher bear loading capacity and better heat dissipation, with a warranty covering 80000 km of mileage;

Impeller and belt pulley: In the vika impeller design, maximum water pump flow is achieved by controlling the number of impeller blades and their opening angle, thus cooling the engine effectively. A wide range of impeller and belt pully materials and forms are made available to customers.

Thermostat: vika products adopt thermostats from Temb. They provide the same level of reliability as OE products.

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