8V0807109B front bumper support-Audi auto parts

8V0807109B is the Reference number of  front bumper support,and the supplier is DPA. The detailed information of 8V0807109B is as follows:

8V0807109B  front bumper support-Audi auto parts
8V0807109B front bumper support-Audi auto parts

Name: front bumper support

Reference number:8V0807109B

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 8V0807109B

Audi:A3 13-16/A3CA 15-16

What are the purposes of a front bumper support?

During a high-speed car crash with an object ahead, the longitudinal beam of the vehicle body bears the brunt. By dispersing the impact energy to different parts of the vehicle, the beam serves a cushioning and energy absorption purpose.

In this sense, the beam plays a core role in the overall safety production structure of the car. If the longitudinal beam fails to function properly in a high-speed collision, the car structure won’t be able to absorb energy effectively, and major damage may occur as a result.

Following launch of the 25% small overlap crash test by North America-based IIHS, many automobiles exhibited poor performance because their longitudinal beam failed to be directly impacted (as the longitudinal beam is located inside the car structure, it won’t get into contact with the obstacle in a small overlap crash test).

In the above-mentioned case, the front bumper support of DPA plays a part in car protection. It transmits part of the load not directly applied to the longitudinal beam to the latter, or transmits the load on one side of the longitudinal beam to the other side.

The front bumper support therefore helps improve functionality of the longitudinal beam during a high-speed crash and correspondingly leads to a higher level of safety. It should also be noted that in a large overlap crash with an object ahead, the longitudinal beam itself can provide maximum cushioning effect and certain protection for passengers.

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