5Q0919050P air shock absorber assembly

5Q0919050P is the Reference numbers of air shock absorber assembly,The detailed information of 5Q0919050P is as follows:

5Q0919050P air shock absorber assembly
5Q0919050P air shock absorber assembly

Name: air shock absorber assembly / front left

Reference number: 5Q0919050P



Applicable models of 5Q0919050P

Skoda: OCT 13-18/KAR 18-

VW: GOLF 13-17/GOSV 14-/TROC 18-

SEAT: AT 16-/LE 13-17

Audi: A3 13-17/A3CA 15-17/AQ2 17-/ATT 15-

Core components are the same as OE part;

Qualified with excellent airtightness and high resistance to oil, solvent, fire, chemical and weathering;

With the same design and manufacturing technique as OE part.

Daily maintenance of an air shock absorber assembly:

Since the parts inside an electronic fuel pump (such as the plunger and cylinder in a roller type fuel pump) match each other precisely, maintaining a high level of fuel cleanliness is critical for extending the service life of the pump. It is also necessary to clean all filter screens regularly according to operation and maintenance instructions (cloth containing fiber should not be used for such cleaning) in order to prevent the fuel pump from being blocked by foreign matters or experiencing premature wear.

For built-in air shock absorber assembly, forced start of the engine without insufficient fuel in the fuel tank is prohibited. After the fuel pump is taken out from a fuel tank for testing, each test cycle in energized state should not exceed 6 seconds. This is because long operation without gasoline cooling may lead to burnout of the motor windings of the fuel pump.

The integrated encapsulation of an electronic fuel pump makes it an
irreparable part. A damaged fuel pump should therefore be replaced by a new one of the same model. If a different model is used as replacement, abnormal function may ensue due to inadequate fuel pumping pressure.

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