8E0853651J 1QP intake grille without label for Audi

8E0853651J 1QP is the Reference number of intake grille without label ,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 8E0853651J 1QP is as follows:

8E0853651J 1QP intake grille for Audi
8E0853651J 1QP intake grille for Audi

Name: intake grille without label gray

Reference number: 8E0853651J 1QP

Series:Audi UP


Applicable models of 8E0853651J 1QP

Audi: A4 05-08/AA 07-09

How to remove an intake grille?

Steps for removing an intake grille:

1. Find two rubber screws on left and right side of the inner edge of the front wheels. Loosen them with a wrench and take them out;

2. Lower your head to find six screws under the car, and unscrew them with a socket spanner;

3. After the foam is removed, the anti-collision beam will be exposed. There is a hole on the beam for connection to a trailer;

4. The daylight running light is fixed on the bumper. After loosening the screws with the socket spanner, detach the light. At this point, the screws for fixing the intake grille onto the bumper will become visible. Remove them with the socket spanner. The 8E0853651J 1QP intake grille can then be taken down.

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