5Q0919050P Electronic fuel pump assembly

5Q0919050P is the Reference number of Electronic fuel pump assembly,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 5Q0919050P is as follows:

5Q0919050P Electronic fuel pump assembly
5Q0919050P Electronic fuel pump assembly

Name: Electronic fuel pump assembly

Reference number: 5Q0919050P



Applicable models of 5Q0919050P

Skoda: OCT 13-18/KAR 18-

Volkswagen: GOLF 13-17/GOSV 14-/TROC 18- –

SEAT: AT 16-/LE 13-17

Audi: A3 13-17/A3CA 15-17/AQ2 17-/ATT 15-

Working principle of 5Q0919050P electronic fuel pump

An electronic fuel pump consists of three parts – pump body, DC motor, and enclosure.

5Q0919050P Electronic fuel pump assembly works on the following principle:

Once energized, the DC motor drives high-speed rotation of the rotor inside the pump enclosure.

The lower end face of the rotor shaft engages with the impeller inner hole face, allowing the rotor shaft to move together with the impeller in the same direction during rotation of the rotor.

The high-speed rotation of the impeller gives rise to low-pressure vacuum at the fuel inlet, and consequently filtered fuel will be sucked in via the fuel inlet on the pump cover.

After pressurization by the impeller of the fuel pump, the fuel enters the pump enclosure, where it is pumped out via the fuel outlet. In this way, fuel is fed to the fuel system at a certain pressure.

A DC motor is comprised of a permanent magnet fixed on the inner wall of the pump enclosure, a rotor that generates magnetic moment after energization, and a graphite carbon brush assembly installed on top of the pump enclosure.

The carbon brush and the commutator on the armature rotor have elastic contact, with its lead connected to wiring electrode of the enclosure.Both sides of the enclosure of the 5Q0919050P electronic fuel pump are tightly riveted with rolled edges to form a non-detachable assembly.

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