03L145100H vacuum pump

03L145100H is the Reference number of vacuum pump,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 03L145100H is as follows:

03L145100H vacuum pump
03L145100H vacuum pump

Name: vacuum pump

Reference number: 03L145100H

Series: New

Brand: vika

Applicable models:


Where can the  vacuum pump be found on a car?

The vacuum pump is typically located right in front of the brake pedal in the engine compartment.

1.The vacuum pump, just as its name implies, is used for creating a vacuum atmosphere. It helps increase braking force by generating negative pressure;

2.For a car running on a diesel engine, due to the compression ignition CI mode of the engine, the intake manifold is not able to provide an adequate level of vacuum pressure, and it is therefore necessary to install a vacuum pump as the vacuum source;

3.Similarly, on a car equipped with a gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine designed in compliance with higher emission and environment protection requirements, the intake manifold is also unable to provide vacuum conditions required by the vacuum-aided braking system, hence a vacuum pump is needed as the vacuum source.

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