8E0615424 Brake caliper/rear right

8E0615424 is the Reference number of Brake caliper/rear right,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 8E0615424 is as follows:

8E0615424 Brake caliper/rear right
8E0615424 Brake caliper/rear right

Name: Brake caliper/rear right

Reference number: 8E0615424

Series: New

Brand: vika

Applicable models of 8E0615424

Skoda models:SUP02-08

Volkswagen models:PA97-05

Audi models:A4 95-01/A6 98-05/A6Q02-05

Brake caliper is a key part in an automotive braking system, and brake caliper faults are among the most common causes of life-threatening braking failures. Tantivy now shares with you some knowledge about brake caliper in an automotive braking system.

Working principle of 8E0615424 brake caliper:

The disc brake in an automotive braking system is hydraulically powered, with the oil cylinder fixed on a brake bracket. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the braking force will be transmitted from the pedal and the brake pump via oil pipes to the brake caliper on every wheel. Under the action of hydraulic load, the piston in the oil cylinder will press the friction disk against the brake disk, forcing the latter to stop immediately.

What are possible reasons for brake caliper faults?

1. A brake caliper assembly may experience faults after long use due to aged or damaged bolt dust cover.

2. When the brake block on a car is replaced after 30 thousand km of mileage, the threads of the guide bolt may be damaged.

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