03F133062B throttle valve

03F133062B is the Reference number of throttle valve,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 03F133062B is as follows:

03F133062B throttle valve
03F133062B throttle valve

Name:throttle valve

Reference number:03F133062B



Applicable models of 03F133062B

Skoda:FAB 15-/KOD 17-/KODR 18-/OCT 13-18/RAP 13-/SUP 15-/YET 14-18

Volkswagen:BE 12-17/BEC 13-17/CA 16-/CC 12-17/GOC 12-16/GOLF 13-17/GOSV 14-/JE 11-18/PA 15-/PO 13-18/SCI 15-18/SHA 16-/TIG 12-17/TIGL 18-/TOU 16-

SEAT:AL 16-/ARON 18-/AT 16-/IB 13-18/LE 13-17/TO 13-16

Audi:A1 11-18/A3 13-17/A3CA 15-17/AQ2 17-/AQ3 12-18

How to clean a 03F133062B throttle valve?

A throttle valve may be cleaned in situ or after disassembly. Once a throttle valve is disassembled by a technician, the dirt in it can be removed with dedicated detergent before reinstallation. Such cleaning method is thorough.

Some may clean a throttle valve assembly directly with detergent without taking it down. Despite the workload saved, such cleaning is neither thorough nor safe.

Another practice is the so-called “injection”. A dropping bottle injects detergent continuously into the air inlet of the engine while it’s operated. This cleaning process is time-consuming but easy to control. Besides, it serves multiple purposes, including cleaning the 03F133062B throttle valve and the air inlet at the same time.

Though disassembly is not always necessary for cleaning a throttle valve, the air inlet seals must be well cleaned. An idle motor has to be taken down to achieve satisfactory cleaning. In the case of fuel injection nozzle, in-situ cleaning and separate cleaning have their respective pros and cons. Typically, a maintenance station recommends in-situ cleaning to avoid unnecessary waste. This is because disassembly will possibly necessitate replacement of a gasket ring or installation of other pads, and oil or air leakage may occur during such disassembly.

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