06A115105B engine oil pump

06A115105B is the Reference number of engine oil pump,and the supplier is vika. The detailed information of 06A115105B is as follows:

Name: engine oil pump

06A115105B engine oil pump
06A115105B engine oil pump

Reference number: 06A115105B

Series: TR models

Brand: vika

Applicable models of 06A115105B

Skoda: FAB11-15/RAP13-/RO11-15

Volkswagen : BE99-10/BO99-05/CA96-/FOA04-10/GO98-14/IMD90-/IMOT77-/JE06-/MA02-/PA97-11/PO02-10/SHA96-10/TOU03-10/ TR03-

SEAT : AL96-00;01-02;03-05;06-08;09-10/ALT04-06;07-10;11-13;14-/CO99-02;03-05;06- 09/CORA00-02/EX09-14/IB99-02;02-05;06-10;09-11;12-12;13-/IN96-03/LE00-01;02-06;06-10;11 -13/TO99-01;02-04;05-09

Audi: A3 97-13/A4 95-08/A6 98-05/AA4C03-09/ATT99-06

How to troubleshoot an 06A115105B engine oil pump on a car?

Engine oil pump is intended to maintain circulation flows of engine oil in a lubrication system, and to deliver required amounts of oil to parts to be lubricated under a sufficient high pressure at any RPM of the engine. A broken engine oil pump results in oil under-pressure and causes corresponding indicator to light up. Typically, an engine oil pump failure can be diagnosed with the following three methods:

1. Visual inspection. Screw off the engine oil cover. Check splash lubrication of the engine oil while the camshaft in the valve chamber rotates. If the amount of splashed engine oil is limited, the oil pump has a problem.

2. Measure pressure of the engine oil with an oil pressure meter. To do this, remove the engine oil pressure sensor, connect the oil pressure meter, start the car, and read the measurement. If the reading is lower than the normal range (0.2-0.5 Mpa) and the possibility of oil path blocking and circuit failure has been eliminated, the oil pump has failed.

3. Remove the engine oil pump. After removing and disassembling the pump, check if there are any signs of wear or blocking in the air chamber. If all internal failures such as wear have been properly addressed, use a small amount of clean gasoline to simulate the operation of the engine oil pump (with adequate fire precautions), and check normal pressure of the oil. If the oil pump is unable to pump out the gasoline or only delivers a limited amount, the pump should be replaced.

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