6Q0955453N/6QD955453 for skoda vw

6Q0955453N/6QD955453  is the OE number of water spray bottle for car wash , the supplier is DPA , Details of 6Q0955453N/6QD955453 are as follows :



6Q0955453N/6QD955453 product information

Name: water spray bottle for car wash

OE Number: 6Q0955453N/6QD955453

Product brand: DPA

Auto parts for car body is represented by DPA brand, all DPA lamps and rearview mirror are certified by EU E-mark quality authentication standard, hight quality standard, at the same time, with a competitive price make DPA product well accepted globally.

As leader and expert in global market of Skoda auto parts , vika DPA has the nature of “one specialty and several strengths”. “one specialty” means that vika DPA has been in the aftermarket for years, focusing on Skoda auto parts ; “several strengths” means that vika DPA represent the best, unique quality in competition, at the same time, a competitive price and well-established warranty service structure.

Furthermore, vika DPA product usually launch new auto parts product with the same time of unveiling new Skoda car model. All of which bring our clients a complete range of Skoda auto parts products.

Applicable models of 6Q0955453N/6QD955453

skoda: FAB00-04;05-08

vw: PO02-05/POCC08-09/POS04-06

How do you wash a car with a spray bottle?

Here’s how it works: Start by wetting one microfiber towel with formula (the duo recommends Eco Green Auto Clean Auto Wash) to the point of nearly soaking it, and use a spray bottle filled with the same wash to wet the portion of your vehicle you plan to clean.

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