06H121026BF Water pump complete of SKD VW SEAT

06H121026BF Water pump complete is the transport of liquid or liquid pressurization machinery.

06H121026BF Water pump complete

06H121026BF product information

OE Number: 06H121026BF

Name: water pump complete

Brand: vika

06H121026BF applicable models


VW: CC12-/GO09-11/PA11-/SHA11-/TIG 10-

SEAT: ALT11-13/LE11-13/EX09-14

AUDI: A3 08-13/A4 08-/A5CA10-11/A5CO08-11/ATT07-14

Main problems with Water pump complete


Cause: bearing damage; The clearance of rolling bearing or bracket cover is too small; The pump shaft is bent or the two shafts have different centers; Tape too tight; Lack of oil or poor oil quality; The balance hole on the impeller is blocked, and the impeller is out of balance, increasing the thrust to one side. Exclusion method: replace the bearing; Remove the back cover, and install a gasket between the bracket and the bearing seat; Investigate the pump shaft or adjust the concentricity of the two shafts; Properly adjust the tightness of the tape; Fill with clean butter, which accounts for about 60% of the gap in the bearing; Remove the plug in the balance hole.

Violent vibration

There are mainly the following reasons: electric rotor imbalance; Poor coupling; Bearing wear bending; The parts of the rotating part are loose or broken; Pipeline support is not strong and other reasons. It can be adjusted, repaired, reinforced, straightened and replaced respectively.

Discern between true and false

First, the product packaging of the original pump or the supporting manufacturer is generally standard, with clear and regular writing, with detailed product name, specification and model, registered trademark, factory name, factory address and telephone number, etc. Fake accessories are generally packaged more rough, factory address, factory name printing is not clear.

Second, the qualified water pump surface is smooth and the workmanship is better. The more important the parts, the higher the processing accuracy, the more strict the packaging rust corrosion. When choosing and buying, if the parts are found to have rust spots or rubber parts cracking, loss of elasticity or the surface of the journal has clear processing lines, should not be the original accessories.

Third, inferior water pump appearance is sometimes good. But because the production process is poor, easy to be damaged, when buying, as long as the observation of the corners and other hidden parts of the accessories, you can see the quality of the accessories process.

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