1K0411315K for skoda vw audi seat auto parts

Common faults of 1K0411315K:

1.The bolt dustproof set of the stabilizer bar may age or wear after long use, and causes abnormal noise as a result.
2.After 30 thousand kilometers of mileage, the rubber sleeve will begin to show signs of aging and cause abnormal noise.

The service life of a poorly designed stabilizer bar is intolerably short as it may be easily damaged. In order to address this issue, the vika team has developed vika 1K0411315K, a product superior to original OE counterpart in quality and fully exceeding the expectation of users.

Reference NO:1K0411315K
Name:golden coupling rod

Applicable models of vika 1K0411315K
OCT 04-08;09-13;13-17/SUP 08-13;14-15/YET 10-13;14-/KAR 18-/KOD 17-/
BE 12-16/CA 04-08;09-11;11-15;16-/EOS 06-08;09-11;11-16/GOC 12-16/GOLF 04-05;06-07;07-09;09-11;10-14;13-17/GOPL 05-07;08-09;09-11;12-14/JE 06-11;09-10;11-14;15-/PA 08-08;09-11;11-15;13-15;16-/PACC 09-12/SCI 09-14;15-18/SHA 11-16;16-/TIG 08-11;12-;16-;17-/TOU 06-06;07-08;09-10;11-15;16-/CC 12-17/ART 17-/GOE 14-/GOSV 14-/TROC 18-/
A3 04-07;08-08;09-13;17-/A3CA 08-13;17-/AQ3 12-14;15-/ATT 07-10;11-14/RS3 11-13/RSQ3 14-TTRS 10-14
ALT 04-06;11-13;14-15/AL 11-15;16-/LE 11-13;13-16;17-/

Advantages of vika 1K0411315K:
1.Dustproof cover: The top-grade chloroprene rubber dustproof cover provides double layers of protection, a design leading to less wear and breaking under pulling stress;
2.Ball: A CR40 ball is used to increase the diameter of the stressed area from φ20mm to φ22mm;
3.Connecting rod: The diameter of the rod has been lengthened fromφ10mm to φ11 mm, which translates into a larger pulling-out force;
4.Large swing angle: The swing angle of the ball pin is now 34°as opposed to 31°;
5.Longer service life: The service life has been extended from 50-80 thousand km to 80-100 thousand km.

How often should 1K0411315K be replaced?

There is no specific time threshold for replacing 1K0411315K. However, replacement is mandatory in any of the following circumstances:
1.Abnormal noise occurs on the road and proves to be a result of aged dustproof cover or rubber sleeve;
2.The car body exhibits a very unstable status during turning at a high speed, and an examination reveals the broken connecting rod as the culprit.

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