vika DPA shop officially launched

The vika DPA shop is officially launched today, which marks the further results of Tandoi’s informatization construction project and the overall improvement of Tandoi’s global customer service capabilities. It can help customers quickly check products, understand prices in real time, place orders, find out the functions, etc.

Login website:

vika DPA shop function introduction:

1.The most updated and complete information of vika DPA products are made available to keep you informed in real time for prices fluctuation.
Customers can log on to the website for product information and price information for the first time. It also provides product information query function, new product query function, STO product query, Easily vika product query, etc.


2.Product information can be imported in batches to generate new orders quickly.
Customers can quickly import in batches and generate orders through the vika DPA number, OE number, and the customer product number that we have verified.


3.Statistical data reports regarding of products, varieties, and amounts are provided for thorough analysis.
Provide statistics on the achievement of annual sales goals, statistics on the number of varieties, and statistics on top20 products.


4.vika DPA promotional activities are launched online in real time.
We will understand the situation of the promotional products as soon as possible, provide a detailed product list and the latest prices.


5.Order records for different products can be easily retrieved.


6.Order delivery details and shipping agendas are available for inquiry at any time.


At the same time, we also welcome global customers to provide valuable comments and suggestions during the use process. We will upgrade the platform technically and functionally according to your suggestions from time to time to meet the customer’s experience.

Finally, welcome everyone to visit vika DPA shop (, we are committed to being the world’s best supplier of replaceable parts for Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

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