5Q0955453R for skoda audi seat auto parts

Common faults of 5Q0955453R:
The wash water reservoir may easily become out of shape in extremely cold conditions


Reference NO: 5Q0955453R
Name: wash water reservoir
Brand: DPA

Applicable models of DPA 5Q0955453R

Advantages of DPA 5Q0955453R:
The thermostable PTEF enclosure is able to operate for long at a temperature up to 200-260℃. Its resistance to cold is equally excellent, with an ability to maintain its original shape at -100℃.

Daily maintenance for 5Q0955453R:
1. For use in extreme code, windshield washer fluid developed specifically for winter should be selected to avoid freezing and to protect pipes and the water jet pump effectively;
2. The water pipe fixture needs to be fixed properly. Never bend the water pipes, in case the washing fluid passage may be blocked;
3. Avoid filling the wash water reservoir with tap water, since the high-content impurities in the water may cling to the inside wall of the rubber pipes and affect normal water spraying;
4. Avoid filling the wash water reservoir to a very high level;

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