6J4839462A for seat auto parts

Two types of 6J4839462A window regulator are generally available: electric and manual, among which the electric type is adopted by the majority of cars.

Common faults of 6J4839462A
1.Abnormal noise of window glass while the car is on the move;
2.Abnormal noise of window glass during up/down movement;
3.Difficulty in up/down movement of a window;
4.A window automatically moves down after rising to half of full height;
DPA 6J4839462A demonstrates itself as a best solution to these phenomena, helping users effectively eliminate abnormal noise, seizure, and other faults.

Window Regulator_6J4839462A

Reference NO:6J4839462A
Name:Window Regulator

Applicable models of DPA 6J4839462A:

Advantages of DPA 6J4839462A:
1. The flexible wire product developed in line with OE standard features high tensile strength and excellent durability, and is free of any break, needling, or burr even after prolonged use.
2. The POM plastic material is highly resistant to wear;
3. The spring is designed in such a way to resist deformation and to control performance degradation within 5% after prolonged use.

A DPA 6J4839462A product superior in quality to OE parts: A longer service life results from a designed operation capacity of more than 100000 cycles, a logic structural design, and stringent and dependable quality tests.

Daily maintenance for 6J4839462A
1.Once hardened, the rubber strips in the glass gloves may impede up/down movement of the glass. It is therefore necessary to spray some WD-40 lubricant or maintenance agent in the course of regular maintenance in order to ensure smooth motion of the glass, preserve rubber flexibility, and minimize dry cracking;

2.The window regulator needs to be replaced if the glass is displaced from its original position due to faults like a motor failure or a broken connecting rod caused by soaking and consequent rust.

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