vika 03G131512AD for skoda vw audi seat auto parts

Common EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) cooling valve on the market may cause problems, such as motor failure, water and oil leakage. vika EGR cooling Valve improve the performance of sealing and stability by choosing better material and optimizing producing process, so the new vika EGA Cooling Valve can be more durable without problem.

Reference NO: 03G131512AD
Name: EGR Cooling Valve
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 03G131512AD

FAB 07-10/OCT 04-13/RO 06-10/SUP 08-13
CA 04-11/EOS 06-08/GOLF 06-09/GOPL 05-09/IMD 90-08/JE 06-10/PA 06-11/PO 05-10/TOU 06-10
A3 04-13/A3CA 08-13
ALT 04-13/CO 06-09/IB 06-10/LE 06-13/TO 05-09
Advantages of vika 03G131512AD
1.Stable:Cooling pipe made of 316 stainess steel,cooling cover made of 304 stainless steel,valve core and valve rod made of Aluminm ACD12,vacuum valve made of PA66+GF30%.

2.Durability:Johnson drive motor from Japan and motor chip from Germany.

3.Ultra-sealing:Braze-welding,dimension tolerance up to 0.05MM,smooth surface,good gas tightness,precise shape dimension.

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