Excellent Quality of DPA 1Z1837462 – superior to original parts

Common faults of 1Z1837462:

1. Abnormal sound of the glass during driving on bumpy roads;
2. Abnormal sound during rising/falling of the glass;
3. Difficult rising/falling of the glass;
4. The glass drops automatically after rising to half of total height.



Reference NO: 1Z1837462
Name: window regulator
Brand: DPA


Applicable models of DPA 1Z1837462


Advantages of DPA 1Z1837462

1) Installation plate and slide plate: 0.6mm and 1.0mm galvanized sheets are used, providing more excellent yield and tensile strength;
2) The outer surface is subject to electrophoretic painting, which results in a uniform electrophoretic coating with better corrosion resistance;
3) Use of a single oil pressure molding process leads to more consistent size, smoother surface, and more reliable installation;
4) The reel is produced from Polyplastics POM material that features higher strength and better resistance to wear and oxidization;
5) Pull wire material: The pull wires consist of 8 strands of 7-thread steel wire and a single central strand of 19-thread wire. The wires feature high strength, improved tensile stability, and lower deformation. With a rated tension of 156kg, they will not easily fall off.
6) The sealing rings are thickened and coated with machine-applied adhesive, which is more even and less prone to fall-off, leading to better sealing effect and a longer service life;
7) The glass-fixing rubber is made of flame-retardant EPDM material, which has been enlarged and thickened to achieve tighter fixing;
8) The slide plate is greased to prevent the steel wires against rust and facilitate smoother sliding;
9) The steel wires are covered by sleeves to reduce direct friction between the wires and the glass, thus protecting both effectively.

DPA 1Z1837462 is superior to original parts in quality and more stable than OE products. Distributors are welcome to make purchases!

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Email: sales@tantivy.com

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