5Q0129620B for SKODA VW AUDI SEAT auto parts

5Q0129620B filters out air impurities and provides the engine with fresh air. If the air filter element fails to function normally, large particles in the air will enter the engine and burn. Over time, this phenomenon will result in higher fuel consumption of the engine and degraded acceleration. It may also cause carbon deposit that accelerates wear of the engine and generates black smoke, thus necessitating engine overhaul.

Reference NO: 5Q0129620B
Name: air filter element
Brand: vika


Applicable models of vika 5Q0129620B
A3 13-15/ATT 15-
A3 13-15/ATT 15-


Advantages of vika 5Q0129620B

The resin-impregnated paper filter element is efficient and environmental-friendly, with a filtering rate up to 99.5% and a dust penetration rate as low as 0.1%-0.3%. By screening out impurities and dirt from air, it protects the engine effectively.

How often should 5Q0129620B be replaced?

As the core part of a filter, the filter element is made of special materials and consumable. In typical cases, it should be replaced every ten thousand kilometers of mileage or every 6 months. In heavily polluted or windy and dusty environments, a replacement interval of 3 months is recommended.

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