Common faults of 8V0498625A

Noise or abnormal sound on the road:
The fault may be caused by one or more of the following reasons:
1.Flawed contact between the ball and the ball track;
2.Incomplete ball track processing results in irregular track surface and causes wear of the ball;
3.Carbon damage occurring during track processing causes wear;

Reference NO: 8V0498625A
Name: wheel bearing with assembly parts
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 8V0498625A:
A3 13-

Advantages of vika 8V0498625A:
1.High level of stability and durability: The inner and outer shaft sleeves provide hardness of 60-65HRC. The ball track fineness and circularity are better than 0.12RA and 3.5u respectively. The balls are screened by the machine automatically. Carbonate test and flaw detection tests indicate a surface quality level of G10 and a degree of finish better than 0.1um, both in line with international industrial processing standard. The balls are arranged and spaced at regular intervals to ensure smooth and unimpeded rotation. The benefits include lower operation friction, stable performance, and a longer service life;

2.Thermal treatment: Owing to the thermal treatment technique introduced from a world leading company (BCA, TIMKEN), the thermal treatment effect is as good as OE products;

3.The seal rings are characterized by good thermo-stability, a long service life, and a A or AA structure (a unique invention of NSK). The fluoride material is able to tolerate a high temperature up to 200℃. The excellent resistance to wear and ageing leads to improvement of product durability by over 100%;

4.Great ductility of the holder: The Dupont nylon material makes the holder highly ductile, and prevents it from breaking even after 500 bending cycles in the same test conditions.

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