DPA 6C0807109A for VW auto parts

6C0807109A, also known as anti-collision beam, provides protection for the car and all passengers in the case of a collision. As the anti-collision beams now available in market vary greatly in quality, selection of a high-grade product means better safety assurance for you and your family and friends. Original anti-collision beams typically have a wall thickness of 2mm.

Common faults of 6C0807109A:
1.The product has a short service life as it is prone to rust and erosion;
2.A severe collision of the car may cause the product to seriously deform or break.


Reference NO: 6C0807109A
Name: reinforcement for front bumper
Brand: DPA

Applicable models of DPA 6C0807109A
VW: PO 15-

Advantages of DPA 6C0807109A:
1.With a net weight of 5.95kg and a thickness of 2.06mm, this DPA product uses the same material as OE products. It is able to absorb impact energy effectively during a collision, thus decreasing repair cost related to accidents and lowering safety risks;
2.The product features tensile strength up to 210Mpa and yield strength up to 140Mpa, with performance comparable to OE products;
3.The electrophoretic paint film on the surface provides good adhesion and will not fall off easily. It adds to corrosion resistance of the product while prolonging its service life.

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