04E115561B-vika oil filter for SKODA VW SEAT

Common faults of 04E115561B:
1.Loose connection between the plastic enclosure and the engine;
2.Poor oil filtering and resulting excessive impurities due to inferior quality of the filter element;
3.Oil leakage on sealed parts of the enclosure and the cooler due to a defective sealing coil.



Reference NO:04E115561B
Name:oil filter

Applicable models of vika 04E115561B

Advantages of vika 04E115561B
1.Like OE products, the filter element enclosure is made of PA66+35%GF from Dupont brand, a world renowned engineering plastic expert;
2.The filter element uses German filter paper exclusively, the same as original filter elements;
3.The enclosure and the cooler are sealed with fluororubber seal rings, which feature excellent resistance to fire, air penetration, high temperature, oil, solvent, combustion, chemicals, and harsh weather;
4.hanks to use of an injection moulding process, the dimensional tolerance is as low as 1MM. Other features include smooth surface, good airtightness, consistent shape and size, and the same process parameters as OE products.

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