vika 036905715F-ignition coil for SKODA VW AUDI SEAT

036905715F is actually a transformer that generates high voltage electricity and ignites the spark plug to ensure that the engine starts normally.

Common faults of 036905715F:
1.036905715F short circuit, resulting in low voltage, insufficient ignition energy, long time spark plug will be polluted by carbon deposits;
2.036905715F insulation aging, voltage instability, resulting in insufficient spark plug ignition energy;


Reference NO: 036905715F
Name: ignition coil

Applicable models of vika 036905715F
FAB 00-15/FABI 09-14/OCT 01-13/RO 06-15/SUP 08-15/YET 10-18/RAP 13-/RAPI 12-
BE 02-17/BEC 03-17/CA 04-11/EOS 06-16/GOC 12-16/GOLF 03-13/GOPL 05-14/JE 06-18/LU 04-06/PA 06-15/ PACC 09-12/PO 02-15/POCC 08-09/SCI 09-18/SHA 11-16/TIG 08-18/TOU 06-15/AME 17-/CC 12-17
A1 11-14/A3 04-13/A3CA 08-13
IB 09-12/AL 11-15/ALT 07-15/CO 03-05

Advantages of vika 036905715F
1. Advantages of core components:
Enamelled wire: The internationally renowned brand Elektrisola enameled wire is used, which is consistent with OE products;
Secondary skeleton: the secondary skeleton adopts PPE material, the electric strength is up to 33KV/mm, and the high temperature strength is up to 180℃;
Epoxy resin: Kyocera epoxy resin, consistent with OE quality;

2. Technical advantages:
vika 036905715F adopts integrated magnetic sleeve to avoid falling off during driving and has good insulation; the design of low voltage head and coil part is reasonable to avoid voltage instability and short circuit;
vika 036905715F provides stable and smooth voltage output to ensure the normal ignition of the spark plug.

How often does 036905715F replace:
It is recommended to replace the ignition coil once every 100,000 kilometers. Because it works in a high temperature, dusty, and vibrating environment for a long time, it will inevitably cause aging or even damage. If it is not replaced in time, it will affect the performance of the engine. However, what we call 100,000 kilometers is not a fixed replacement cycle. Usually, as long as the ignition coil can work normally and the surface does not deteriorate significantly, there is no need to replace it.

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