3D1837016AC-vika door lock

3D1837016AC common failure performance:
1. The circuit is faulty and cannot be locked and opened normally;
2. A sound is made when unlocking;
3. The micro motor connector does not work and there is noise;
4. The super lock cannot start automatically;


Reference NO: 3D1837016AC
Name: door lock
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 3D1837016AC
Advantages of vika 3D1837016AC
1. Select high-quality materials:
Material 1: The steel is made of DC03, after normalizing, it refines the internal structure of the material, has a certain pulling characteristic, and greatly improves the performance of the product;
Material 2: Engineering plastics, using DuPont POM 100T, an internationally renowned brand, to stabilize the quality of the raw materials of gears, will not deform during long-term use, and achieve the stability of internal structural materials;
The selection of high-quality materials can effectively solve the quality problem of the sound of unlocking;

2. Micromotor: The motors of the internationally renowned brands “Ma Buqi” and “Dechang” are selected as the core components, and their performance is consistent with OE products, effectively solving the phenomenon that the micro motor does not work, the performance is unstable, and the noise is large;

3. Lubricating grease: Adopting German Flowserve lubricating oil, the oil volume is sufficient to effectively reduce the wear between the gears, avoid product corrosion, and extend the service life;

4. The internal circuit and injection molding of the product are formed at one time, and then sealed with glue, to ensure that the circuit board will not be oxidized, and the long-term stability of current and signal transmission is guaranteed.

5. The material of the rotating block of the lock block adopts DuPont 5526 material, which has a certain pull and toughness, good wear resistance, effective noise control, and prevents the super lock from being automatically opened;

vika 3D1837016AC adopts 8 comprehensive tests: inner switch detection, outer switch detection, child lock detection, super lock detection, one-time pull inner detection, key lock switch detection, central lock switch detection, glass lifter switch detection;
3D1837016AC’s 8 functions are comprehensively tested to ensure that each product is intact, 50,000 times of switch quality assurance, and it is safe to use for a long time. The product is suitable for SKODA VW AUDI SEAT models, hurry up and purchase it!

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