04E121600AD-vika water pump

04E121600AD common faults:

1.Leaks caused by its own quality problems;
2.Improper use of sealant;


Reference NO: 04E121600AD
Name: water pump
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 04E121600AD:
A1 11-14/A3 13-
Advantages of vika 04E121600AD
1.The sealing ring is made of good quality hydrogenated nitrile rubber, and the sealing grease is SEEO UNIREX N3 grease to ensure the lubrication of the bearing;
2.The ball and roller adopt Cr15, one ball and one ball, the product has a good bearing capacity;
3.The water seal adopts high-quality silicon carbide and graphite, the product has low noise, high wear resistance and good air tightness;
4.The impeller of the pump is all made of PPS+GF material, which has good dynamic balance and is not easy to deform;
5.The product adopts high frequency quenching, the thickness of the quenched layer is 0.8-1.5mm;
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