04E129712A for SKODA VW SEAT auto parts

Function of 04E129712A:
04E129712A forms an air inlet line connecting the throttle body to the cylinder head. It distributes the mixture of air and fuel gas to air intakes of different cylinders via the throttle body.

Common faults of 04E129712A:
A crack developing on 04E129712A may cause air leakage, which will in turn result in higher idle engine RPM, less powerful acceleration, and a stronger tendency towards flameout in the course of acceleration.
In order to address possible cracks and the resulting air leakage, vika has introduced vika 04E129712A, a product representing an in-depth development of both material and process.



Reference NO: 04E129712A
Name: suction pipe
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 04E129712A:
OCT 13-
GOLF 13-14/GOSV 14-/PO 15-
LE 13-/TO 13-15;16-
The following advantages are enjoyed by vika 04E129712A:
1.BASF PA6-GF30, a material produced by means of mold plastic injection, is selected for the product, making it comparable to OE products in terms of heat resistance, high strength, thermal stability, and thermal aging stability. Dependable performance is guaranteed even when it’s operated at a temperature as high as 180℃ for long or exposed to corrosive solvent;
2.Containing 30% glass fiber, the product provides higher shock strength, roughly at the same level as OE parts. This prevents burst due to high pulsating pressure when the engine backfires abnormally;
3.The shrinkage of the product has been decreased to 5%, similar to that of OE parts, contributing to more stable performance;
4.Formed in a welding process with an EMERSON welder, the product is consistent in size and provides excellent sealing effect, leading to both elegant appearance and optimal function.

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