03L115389H for SKODA VW AUDI auto parts

The 03L115389H oil cooler complete is a device that accelerates the heat dissipation of lubricating oil to maintain a lower temperature.03L115389H Oil cooler complete


03L115389H product information

OE Number: 03L115389H

Name: Oil cooler complete

Brand: vika

03L115389H applicable models

SKD: RAP13-/RAPI12-/SUP14-/YET14-

VW: BE12-/BEC13-/CA11-/CAMP16-/CC12-/GOC12-/JE15-/TR12-

AUDI: AQ3 12-

Advantage of 03L115389H 

1.The filter shell is made of the world famous brand engineering plastic expert DuPont PA66+35%GF;

2.Cooler body material the aluminum alloy 3003 from OE manufacturer;

3.The sealing ring between the shell and the cooler adopts the fluorine rubber sealing ring, which has excellent fire resistance, air tightness, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance.

4.Oil Filter with Flange adopt the same technology of OE welding technology, the tolerance could be controlled at the minimum level as 0.05MM。

Introduction to the oil cooler complete

The oil cooler is placed in the cooling water channel, and the temperature of the lubricating oil is controlled by the temperature of the cooling water. When the temperature of the lubricating oil is high, it is cooled by cooling water. When the engine starts, heat is absorbed from the cooling water to rapidly raise the temperature of the lubricating oil. The oil cooler is composed of aluminum alloy shell and copper core tube. Cooling water flows outside the pipe, and lubricating oil flows inside the pipe, and the two exchange heat. There are also structures that allow oil to flow outside the tube and water to flow inside the tube.

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