Volkswagen Group wins 2019 global sales championship, Toyota is closely following, the main difference is in the Chinese market

A few days ago, according to the official data of auto companies in 2019, Volkswagen Group overwhelmed its old rival Toyota and won the global sales championship for the fourth consecutive year. It should be said that Volkswagen’s “four consecutive championships” results are still quite dazzling.

Volkswagen wins for four consecutive years, the Chinese market remains the largest single market

According to official data from the Volkswagen Group, its cumulative global sales in 2019 were 10.9746 million vehicles. Compared with the same period last year, the increase is not high, only 1.3%. Of course, given the sluggish performance of the global auto market in 2019 and Volkswagen’s higher sales base, this growth rate is still good.


It is particularly noteworthy that in this battle for sales champions, the Chinese market has played an intuitively important role for the masses. We can even say that without the advantages of the Chinese market, Volkswagen would never have won this championship. Data show that in 2019, Volkswagen’s sales data in China was 4.2336 million, an increase of 0.6% over the same period last year. Obviously, in the sales data in 2019, the Chinese market accounts for nearly 40%. Moreover, if only the mass brands are counted, the sales volume in the Chinese market accounts for nearly half of the global sales volume.

Obviously, China is still the largest single market for Volkswagen Group, and it has become the most important weapon for Volkswagen Group to compete for the championship.

After all, in the North American market where old competitors have a stronger advantage, the performance of Volkswagen Group is still quite weak. Data show that Volkswagen’s North American market sales in 2019 were only 951,500 vehicles, a 0.5% decline compared to the same period in 2018. Among them, Volkswagen ’s US market is the most “valued”, with sales of only 654,200 units, less than one-sixth of the Chinese market.

What’s more, this is achieved by the public constantly “accommodating” or “flattering” the US market. For example, developing exclusive products for the US market, reloading Aisin 8-speed gearboxes, and providing V6 engines.

Toyota is not much different from Volkswagen, and remains Volkswagen’s current main competitor

It is worth noting that although Volkswagen has been competing with Toyota and other competitors for 4 consecutive years, it has won the “four consecutive championships” in sales. However, this does not mean that Volkswagen Group has an absolute competitive advantage. Taking 2019 data, Volkswagen has only gained a slight advantage over Toyota.

Data show that in 2019, Toyota’s global sales reached 10.7421 million units, which is less than 240,000 units compared with the sales volume of Volkswagen’s 10.974 million units. Moreover, compared with the same period last year, sales volume increased by 1.4%, achieving sales growth for four consecutive years, mainly benefiting from the Toyota and Lexus brands.

Unlike the Volkswagen Group, the Toyota Group’s main sales come from the North American and Asian markets. However, it is worth noting that Toyota’s sales in China in 2019 were only 1.62 million units. Compared with the sales of more than 4 million units of the Volkswagen Group, this sales data gap is not small.

However, in the North American market, Toyota’s 2019 sales will be 2.572 million. Compared with the Volkswagen Group’s sales in the North American market, this sales volume has an absolute advantage.

More importantly, Toyota’s growth in China in 2019 is 9% year-on-year, which is obviously higher than that of Volkswagen. Under these circumstances, Toyota ’s position as the crown of Volkswagen clearly constitutes a great threat.

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