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Previously, vika DPA Auto Parts told you a lot about the detailed replacement cycle of engine oil, tires, and various liquids, but in addition to these, there are some places that we often don’t think about, because they are the most easily damaged parts of the car. The parts, especially the last one, let us take a look with me, and go back and check your car.
Oil seal

An oil seal is a seal of lubricating oil. It is used to seal the mechanical components of grease. It isolates the parts that need to be lubricated from the output parts of the transmission parts, so that the oil does not leak. In addition, the oil seal can also prevent water and Leakage of chemical liquids and dust and dirt invade from the outside, so oil seals generally exist in our engines and transmissions. Because the parts need to move back and forth, it is also a fairly easy to damage and replace parts.

Due to long-term work, and because the rubber seals have been subjected to alternating changes in heating and cooling temperatures, the seals have suffered from corrosion, aging, and hardening. At first, the oil was leaking. If the seals were broken over time, the oil seals would not be tight. The phenomenon of oil leakage occurs. So if you find this phenomenon, you must check it to avoid more serious consequences.


The battery is the battery in the car. The normal service life varies according to the way we use the car. Generally, it will decay between 1 and 8 years, which has a lot to do with our usual car habits. Once we feel that we have to start it several times when we start the vehicle, or we ca n’t start it at all; or we find that both headlights are obviously dimmed at the same time, it should be a battery problem, and we need to replace it in time to prevent it from starting. Case.

But when you really ca n’t start it, do n’t worry. At this time, you can call your insurance phone, and you can usually call someone to come for free to connect you with electricity, and the technician will use tools to connect the electricity. If you have a large displacement The car should also communicate with the technical staff in advance. It can be started after power up, but you should also avoid prolonged idling in the near future and replace the battery in time to avoid similar situations from happening again.



brake light

The brake light is generally installed at the rear of the vehicle. The main body is a red light, which enhances the penetrability of the light source. It is convenient for vehicles traveling behind to find the brakes of the vehicle in front when the visibility is low, which prevents the rear-end collision. I really didn’t pay attention to this brake light. My friend’s car happened to go out with me before. I only noticed this situation behind me. The brake light on the back was broken, so even if I stepped on the brake, I couldn’t see the rear. This situation is not small, and once an emergency situation is encountered at high speed, it is also quite dangerous.

In general, we usually pay little attention to it, so it is recommended that you check the various front and rear lights, especially the tail lights, each time you lock the car. If you find that the lights are dimmed or the lampshades are black, you should replace them in time. .



vika DPA auto parts help you summarize

Every part of the car is very important, it is indispensable, so we must develop a good car-loving habit, pay more attention to observation, check more carefully, and keep them in a good state as much as possible. Bring us more reliable security protection.

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