vika DPA auto parts teach you to judge whether the car engine is good or bad?

The development of cars in China can be said to be very fast. Now for many Chinese people, if they leave the car, they cannot go out because the car is his leg. At the same time, for many car owners, many people only need to be able to drive, so they don’t take much care of the car, and don’t feel heartache until the car fails.
In fact, the operating principle of a car is very similar to that of the human body: the human body sends blood to various organs by the heart, and the car sends kinetic energy to various parts by the engine. Therefore, the engine of a car is as important as the heart of a person. If you really want to love your car, you must start by protecting the engine.
In fact, in terms of brand and parameters, this is a relatively one-sided choice. After all, after a car is produced, even if it is compared with the same platform model, the performance will be much worse. After all, the car does not rely on these. Yes, so how can we judge the engine performance of our car?

1.Air filter

If the vehicle is often driven on a relatively dirty section or after it has been driving for a long time, the air filter will become very dirty. Our car repair shops often see that the air filter of some vehicles has become black. At this time The owner thought of replacing the filter. In fact, this approach is not very good, and will affect the life of the engine to a certain extent. It is recommended that if you often drive on dirty roads, you must regularly check and replace or clean the filters to ensure that the engine can absorb clean air.

2.Carbon deposition
In the exhaust system, some oil fume and dust condensate will form on the inner wall of the exhaust pipe. Sticking to the inner wall will affect the normal exhaust of the engine, and it will also affect the power performance of the engine. The exhaust pipe does not need to be replaced, as long as it is cleaned regularly. The cleaning and maintenance of the fuel system inside the engine must be more professional, including the carbon and sludge deposits accumulated inside the engine.

In fact, the internal environment of the engine is very complicated. We all know that the operation of the engine requires gasoline and air to be mixed and burned in the combustion chamber. This can form high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and then push the piston to move. The up and down movement of the piston requires oil lubrication. Both gasoline and engine oil are products of petroleum. Both of them have many chemical additives inside. At the same time, air enters the engine through the filter, but even if there is a filter, the air cannot be purified 100% without impurities. .


3.Fuel injection
Gasoline enters the engine to participate in the mixing with the air. It needs an injector to inject it into the end of the intake manifold, and the gasoline itself has a purity problem. In this way, some additives will remain in the injector. At the same time, the environment where the injector works will also cause the surface to be dirty, so with the use of the engine, there will be some dirty things in the injector nozzle and its interior, which is what we often say is gum and sludge. That is carbon deposits.
Therefore, it is very important to clean the injector, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the fuel injection amount and the normal operation of the engine.

vika DPA

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