vika DPA | Do you know how complicated auto parts are?

A car is made up of thousands of auto parts.

There are original parts, sub-factory parts, and pure dismantling parts for auto parts. So many types, how to choose?
Today we discuss this issue together!

1.Original parts

Matching index: 85%

There are parts marked by the manufacturer from the OEM channel.

Mainly from the OEM and 4S stores, there are packaging with brand factory logo. The appearance and performance are not said, the quality is the same as the original factory, and there are more qualification certificates to show their identity.
2. Factory parts

Matching index: 80%

Genuine parts represent parts produced by qualified manufacturers

Note: It is not necessarily a channel for auto OEMs, as long as it has the manufacturer name, product brand, and production address,

And those who have a certificate of qualification can be called genuine parts.

However, for some genuine parts, they do not have trademarks. For some reason, they have not entered the equipment procurement list of auto OEMs. Parts and packaging cannot be marked with the brand trademark.

In terms of quality, these accessories do not lose much to the original factory, but in terms of matching, they are still not higher than the original factory.

3.Pure disassembly

Matching index: 70%

Just like Taobao, it caught up with a high degree of matching.

It mainly comes from the refit market and the accident car disassembly market.

Some are cheaper to sell as original parts, but without packaging.

4.Offline parts

Matching index: 60%

Is there a strong charge to charge? Just point it!

Mainly from 4S procurement channels. Generally, the original parts are very new, but there is no packaging, and there may be functional defects in some aspects, which is difficult to distinguish from pure disassembly.

5.Brand parts

Matching index: 40%

The favorite of roadside shops is more called: deputy factory parts, Hong Kong and Taiwan pieces, their biggest temptation is the low price.

They are mainly from small and large parts factories and refurbishment plants in various villages and towns, so the quality of parts varies, and prices can vary widely.

It is not ruled out that there are qualifications of OEM suppliers, but it is more likely that there are no products or even fakes.



Matching index: ….

Life is terrifying!

Most of the parts were removed from the accident car, then refurbished, and finally entered the market at a low price.

When these parts are removed from the accident car, it is OK if it is good, if it catches an accident,

Then the consequences are unthinkable!

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