Let’s get online! | Special Report on Automechanika Shanghai Global Customer Return Dinner

In the evening of December 3, the distributor partners from over 20 countries worldwide joined together to celebrate start of operation of BTB online subscription platform as well as the mutual trust and co-development for years.


It’s a pleasure to have friends coming from afar.

At the beginning of the dinner, Tantivy welcomed friends heartily. Members of the top management team of Tantivy came on stage to introduce themselves to the guests in turn, and greeted the friends warmly.




After that, Mr. Cao, general manager of Tantivy, welcomed all guests present cordially.


Let’s get online!

Next, the key event tonight was started: The online subscription platform of vika DPA BTB (Business To Business) was officially released!


Mr. Hu from Tantivy Information Center described in details the business structure and future plans of the platform to global partners, allowing them to gain a better and clearer understanding of the operation of the platform, and to become more confident in the future of vika DPA!


Friendship Forever

The past ten years have witnessed growing friendship between us as business partners. It’s a precious treasure for us!


At the night, vika DPA held an agreeable celebration ceremony for all customers with a cooperation history of ten years or longer. These customers are not only loyal partners, but also precious treasures of vika DPA!




As the dinner drew to a close, the participants began to take photos. The dinner is over, but the friendship will last.




See you next year, friends!!!

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